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Administrator's Emphasis List

This is a list of Superfund sites from across the United States that Administrator Wheeler has targeted for immediate and intense attention. This list is in direct response to the Superfund Task Force Recommendations, issued July 25, 2017, calling for this list.

In developing this list, EPA considered sites that can benefit from Administrator Wheeler's direct engagement and have identifiable actions to protect human health and the environment. These are sites requiring timely resolution of specific issues to expedite cleanup and redevelopment efforts.  The list is designed to spur action at sites where opportunities exist to act quickly and comprehensively. The Administrator will receive regular updates on each of these sites.

The list:

  • Is intended to be dynamic. Sites will move on and off the list as appropriate. At times, there may be more or fewer sites based on where the Administrator’s attention and focus is most needed.
  • There is no commitment of additional funding associated with a site’s inclusion on the list.
  • Is presented in order by EPA region.

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EPA remains dedicated to addressing risks at all Superfund sites, not just those on the list. The Task Force Recommendations are aimed at expediting cleanup at all Superfund sites and the Administrator has continued to set the expectation that there will be a renewed focus on accelerating work and progress at all Superfund sites across the country.

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As of August 2020, the list is:

US EPA Superfund Task Force: Administrator’s Emphasis List – August 2020
Site/Project EPA Region City or County State NPL Status Upcoming Milestone
Mohawk Tannery 1 Nashua New Hampshire Proposed

Issue the Non-Time Critical Removal Action Memo in Summer 2019. [Completed]

Complete negotiation of a redevelopment agreement with a prospective purchaser. [Ongoing]

Olin Chemical 1 Wilmington Massachusetts Final Propose a remedy for public comment in Spring /Summer 2020.
L. A. Clarke & Son 3 Spotsylvania Virginia Final

Non time-critical removal action – Issue Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for public comment in February 2020. EE/CA is a non time-critical removal action for creosote source material. [Completed]

Removal Action Plan 5 – Finalize Revised Human Health Risk Assessment and Final Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment in calendar year 2020.

Petroleum Products Corporation 4 Pembroke Park Florida Final Issue for public comment proposed remedy to address source/soil and groundwater contamination early in calendar year 2020.
U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery, Inc. (aka USS Lead or East Chicago) + 5 East Chicago Indiana Final Operable Unit (OU) 1-Zone 1 land use decision - EPA signed the Record of Decision Amendment for Zone 1 on March 24, 2020. [Completed]

OU 1-Zone 2 - Soil remediation  work is ongoing.

OU 1-Zone 3 - Soil remediation work is ongoing.
DePue/New Jersey Zinc/Mobile Chemical Corp. 5 DePue Illinois Final

OU4 - Reach agreement with PRPs to perform the work for residential lead soil removal - UAO was issued January 23, 2020 and effective on February 3, 2020. [Completed]

Complete consent decree negotiations for residential yard cleanup work to replace UAO by Summer 2021.

OU2, 3 and 5 - Reach agreement with PRPs to conduct remaining remedial investigation and feasibility study work at OUs 2, 3, and 5 in calendar year 2020.

Des Moines TCE (aka Dico Company) 7 Des Moines Iowa Final Complete settlement agreement(s) to support cleanup and redevelopment.
Carter Carburetor 7 St. Louis Missouri Not on NPL Complete final site removal action report and sign a Prospective Purchaser Agreement in 2020.
Bonita Peak Mining District 8 San Juan County Colorado Final Develop a Site Strategy and Site Management Plan in Summer/Fall 2020.
Anaconda Co. Smelter 8 Anaconda Montana Final Complete negotiations for implementation of early actions to address human health exposure, followed by site-wide work.
Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area 8 Butte Montana Final Memorialize Agreement in Principle in a Consent Decree.
Orange County North Basin 9 Fullerton California Proposed Complete public comment process and make final National Priorities List decision.
Abandoned Uranium Mines Contamination on Navajo Nation 9     Not on NPL Finalize the Federal Actions to Address Impacts of Uranium Contamination on the Navajo Nation Ten-Year Plan (“Ten-Year Plan” by end of fiscal year 2020.
Portland Harbor + 10 Portland Oregon Final Complete settlement agreement(s) to support cleanup.
Proposed NPL Sites Project All N/A N/A N/A Complete by end of 2020 review of sites that have been proposed for an extended period of time but never added to the NPL.

* Administrator Andrew Wheeler is recused from these sites.

+ Peter Wright, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Land and Emergency Management, is recused from these sites.