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Tijuana River Watershed NEPA Public Scoping

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Implementation Act

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was signed into law on January 1, 1970. NEPA requires federal agencies to assess the environmental effects of their proposed actions prior to making decisions.

Public Scoping

A NEPA public scoping meeting for the USMCA Mitigation of Contaminated Transboundary Flows Project was held virtually on April 20, 2021. The meeting consisted of a formal presentation and was followed by a public comment period.
Written public comments were due to EPA by May 20, 2021. The scoping process provides an opportunity for citizens to provide input on the range of issues to be addressed, potential impacts or possible alternative actions, relative effects of past actions, or any other concerns.

View a recording of the NEPA public scoping meeting held on April 20, 2021 below:

Notice of Intent

On April 5, 2021, EPA published a Notice of Intent (NOI) in the Federal Register to prepare an environmental impact statement, notice of a virtual public scoping meeting, and request for comments.

In accordance with NEPA, EPA will prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the proposed USMCA Mitigation of Contaminated Transboundary Flows project. The USMCA Project involves the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure to reduce transboundary flows of untreated wastewater (sewage), trash, and sediment that routinely enter the U.S. from Mexico via the Tijuana River, its tributaries, and across the maritime boundary along the San Diego County coast.

This notice initiates the scoping process by inviting comments from federal, state, and local agencies; Native American tribes; interested stakeholders; and the public to help identify the environmental issues and project options to be examined in the EIS. EPA is providing notice of the public scoping meeting that is open to all interested parties.

View the Federal Register Notice of Intent (3 pp, 263 K, About PDF)

Project Options

USMCA projects

Projects / Proyectos

Overview of Projects / Resumen del Proyectos

  1. New Tijuana River Diversion System in the U.S. and Treatment in the U.S.
    Nuevo sistema de desvío del Río Tijuana en EE. UU. y tratamiento en EE. UU.
  2. Expand and Upgrade Tijuana River Diversion System in Mexico and Provide Treatment in the U.S.
    Ampliar y mejorar el sistema de desvío del río Tijuana en México y proporcionar tratamiento en EE. UU.
  3. Treat Wastewater from the International Collector at the South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (ITP)
    Tratar las aguas residuales del Colector Internacional en el ITP
  4. Shift Wastewater Treatment of Canyon Flows to U.S. (via Expanded ITP) to Reduce Flows to San Antonio de los Buenos Wastewater Treatment Plant (SAB) (Complements Project 3)
    Trasladar el tratamiento de aguas residuales de los flujos cañoneros a EE. UU. (mediante ITP ampliado) para reducir flujos a San Antonio de los Buenos
  5. Enhance Mexico Wastewater Collection System to Reduce Flows into Tijuana River
    Mejorar el sistema de recolección de guas residuales de México para reducir los flujos al río Tijuana
  6. Construct New Infrastructure to Address Trash and Sediment During Wet Weather Flows
    Construir nueva infraestructura para abordar basura y sedimentos
  7. Divert or Reuse Treated Wastewater from Existing Wastewater Treatment Plants in Mexico to Reduce Flows into the Tijuana River
    Desviar o reutilizar las aguas residuales tratadas de las plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales existentes en México para reducir los flujos al río Tijuana
  8. Upgrade SAB Wastewater Treatment Plant to Reduce Untreated Wastewater to Coast
    Mejora de la Planta de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales SABTP para reducir las aguas residuales no tratadas en la costa
  9. Treat Wastewater from the International Collector at the City of San Diego South Bay Water Reclamation Plant 
    Tratar las aguas residuales del Colector Internacional en el SBWRP
  10. Sediment and Trash Source Control
    Control de sedimentos y fuentes de basura

USMCA Tijuana River Watershed Activities

For more information on ongoing work related to the USMCA and the Tijuana River Watershed, visit USMCA Tijuana River Watershed.

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