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Underground Injection Control (UIC)

Class I UIC Permits Issued by EPA Region 10

The table below contains Class I UIC permits issued by EPA Region 10 for oil development activities in Alaska.

See our Alaska Oil & Gas Aquifer Exemptions Interactive Map to find the location of Class I non-hazardous injection wells and associated aquifer exemptions.

For proposed draft permits, see UIC public notices.

Permit Number Facility Name Location Permit Expires Permit Documents
Class I UIC Permits Issued by EPA in Alaska
AK1I001-B Badami Unit North Slope 2027-08-22 Badami UIC Permit
AK1I002-C Northstar Unit North Slope 2030-09-17 Northstar UIC Permit
AK1I010-B Colville River Unit (Well CD1-01A) North Slope 2027-11-30 Colville River UIC Permit (AK1I010B)
AK1I014-B Beluga River Unit Cook Inlet 2029-07-31 Beluga River UIC Permit
AK1I008-B Prudhoe Bay Grind and Inject Facility North Slope 2027-08-31 Prudhoe Bay Grind & Inject UIC Permit
AK1I004-B Prudhoe Bay Pad-3 Disposal Facility North Slope 2019-12-07 Prudhoe Bay Pad-3 UIC Permit
AK1I003-C Colville River Unit (Well WD-02) North Slope 2029-03-13 Colville River Unit UIC Permit (AK1I003C)
AK1I005-B Milne Point Unit North Slope 2024-11-02 Milne Point UIC Permit
AK1I013-A Duck Island Unit and Endicott Satellite Drilling Island North Slope 2019-09-15 Duck Island/Endicott UIC Permit
AK1I006-B McArthur River Field, Trading Bay Unit Cook Inlet 2025-10-18 Trading Bay UIC Permit
AK1I011-C Nikaitchuq Unit North Slope 2028-09-16 Nikaitchuq UIC Permit
AK1I007-B Redoubt and West McArthur River Units Cook Inlet 2026-10-11 Redoubt/West McArthur UIC Permit
AK1I009-B Oooguruk Unit North Slope 2027-08-31 Oooguruk Drill Site UIC Permit
AK1I012-B Tyonek Gas Development Project Cook Inlet 2029-06-02 Tyonek UIC Permit
AK1I015-B Point Thomson Unit North Slope 2030-03-08 Point Thomson UIC Permit
AK1I017-A Nuna Project, Oooguruk Unit North Slope 2026-09-14 Nuna-Oooguruk UIC Permit
AK1I016-A Cosmopolitan Unit Cook Inlet 2026-04-14 Cosmopolitan UIC Permit