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Water Technology and Innovation

EPA Publications about Water Technology and Innovation

EPA promotes and support technology innovation to restore, protect and ensure the sustainability of our water resources. To that end, EPA’s Office of Water issued the Blueprint for Integrating Technology Innovation into the National Water Program, highlighting EPA’s initial ideas and plans for advancing technology innovation across various water programs. EPA expanded on those ideas in the second version of our Blueprint, Promoting Technology Innovation for Clean and Safe Water, framing the business case for investment in new tools via the 10 market opportunities for water technology innovation.

As followup to Blueprint Version 2, EPA issued a progress report, Promoting Innovation for a Sustainable Water Future. The progress report highlights numerous examples of how communities and the water sector are using water technology and innovation to accelerate progress toward clean, safe, and sustainable water resources.

EPA collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners, all of whom play a critical role in advancing water innovation and technology. The growing momentum and progress exhibited across the country to address our nation’s water resource and sustainability issues is unmistakable. As such, we’ve compiled a growing list of water innovation examples taking place in the U.S., organized by the 10 market opportunities identified in our Blueprint documents.

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