A Synoptic Survey of Ecosystem Services from Headwater Catchments in the United States

Ecosystem production functions for water supply, climate regulation, and water purification were estimated for 568 head water streams and their catchments. Ecological production functions paired with published economic values for these services revealed the importance of catchments for water supply, climate regulation, and water purification per unit catchment area. 

Presented by Dr. Brian Hill

Brian H. Hill is an ecologist and Chief of the Watershed Research Branch at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Mid-Continent Ecology Division in Duluth, Minnesota. He has been working in ecosystem research for more than 30 years in academia and the federal government. His research on primary productivity, community respiration, microbial activity and organic matter processing fills a new niche in Agency research, and he was instrumental in bringing analyses of periphyton assemblages and measures of ecosystem function into the Agency’s monitoring and assessment programs.