WIFIA Application Materials and Resources

WIFIA Program Handbook: The Handbook describes how EPA administers the WIFIA program. Upon reading this handbook, prospective borrowers should be able to understand the requirements and procedures for obtaining WIFIA credit assistance and complying with WIFIA program rules and regulations.

WIFIA Letter of Interest: Prospective borrowers must submit a letter of interest for their project to the WIFIA program. In the letter of interest, the prospective borrower provides information to demonstrate its projects eligibility, financial creditworthiness, engineering feasibility, and alignment with EPA’s policy priorities.

WIFIA Letter of Interest Frequent Questions: Answers to frequent questions to assist prospective borrowers with preparing their WIFIA credit assistance letters of interest.

Sample Financial Pro Forma: Prospective borrowers are required to provide a summary financial pro forma as part of their letter of interest submission. This document serves as an example of the type of information that prospective borrowers should include in the pro forma provided to the WIFIA program.

WIFIA Application: If EPA selects the projects, then the prospective borrower is invited to submit an application. EPA will only select projects that it expects might reasonably proceed to closing.

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