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WIFIA FY 2017 Letters of Interest and Selected Projects

Letters of Interest

In response to its Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), the WIFIA program received 43 letters of interest from prospective borrowers for water infrastructure projects across the country. In total, prospective borrowers requested $6 billion in WIFIA loans. These letters demonstrate the high need to invest in water infrastructure improvements in communities across the nation and the value that WIFIA financing can offer.

Since WIFIA funding is limited to up to 49 percent of project costs, the letters of interest indicate how the EPA’s investment would be combined with other sources, such as State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans, private equity, and municipal bonds, to implement projects costing over $12 billion. Entities are seeking financing for a wide array of water and wastewater projects, including repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of aging treatment plants and pipe systems and construction of new infrastructure for desalination, water recycling, and drought mitigation.

The submitters of letters of interest include:

US map of entities submitting letters of interest in FY 2017 to the WIFIA program

Prospective Borrower Name City State Project Description
Grand Prairie Farming and Water Company, LLC Stuttgart Arkansas Creation of a sustainable delivery system for surface water to enable mitigation of groundwater wells through the use of credits sold to farmers. Each credit provides farmers with access to surface water while restricting the use of groundwater.
City of Tucson Tucson Arizona Upgrades and improvements to the Santa Cruz Wellfield including rehabilitation of abandoned wells and existing pipelines.
State of California Bermuda Dunes California Construction of the water infrastructure necessary to create approximately 29,800 acres of habitat and air quality projects as the Salton Sea recedes over the next decade.
Las Virgenes - Triunfo Joint Powers Authority Calabasas California Construction of a new Advanced Water Treatment facility that will further treat the excess recycled water from the existing Tapia Water Reclamation Facility and discharge it to the existing Las Virgenes Potable Water Reservoir for indirect potable reuse utilizing surface water augmentation.
Inland Empire Utilities Agency Chino California A bundled set of projects that includes the upgrade and expansion of Regional Water Recycling Plant #1, expansion of treatment capacity of Regional Water Recycling Plant #5, and relocation of Regional Solids Treatment Plant #2 to Recycling Plant #5 to move the facility out of a floodplain.
South Coast Water District Dana Point California Construction of a new desalination plant to produce approximately 5 to 15 millions of gallons per day of potable drinking water.
Orange County Water District Fountain Valley California Expansion of the existing water recycling plant from 100 millions of gallons per day to 130 millions of gallons per day by using treated wastewater from the Orange County Sanitation District Plant #2.
Poseidon Resources (Surfside) LLC Huntington Beach California Construction of a new approximately 50 million gallons per day reverse osmosis seawater desalination facility as well as a product water storage tank, onsite water conveyance structures and pipelines and other associated development.
City of Los Angeles - Bureau of Sanitation Los Angeles California Rehabilitation of an existing water reclamation plant to increase the level of treatment and provide up to 30,000 acre-feet per year of potable recycled water to replenish San Fernando Ground Water Basin.
City of Morro Bay Morro Bay California Replacement of the 62-year-old Morro Bay-Cayucos Wastewater Treatment Plant with a new water reclamation facility.
DeepWater Desal, LLC Moss Landing California Construction of a new seawater reverse osmosis desalination facility, to produce up to 25,000 acre-feet of high quality potable water annually from approximately 55,000 acre-feet per year of seawater.
Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) Redwood City California Replacement of major infrastructure that conveys untreated wastewater to the treatment plant, includes a 3.5-mile gravity pipeline, civil site improvements, four pump stations, a headworks, and an influent connector pipeline to existing primary sedimentation tanks.
City of San Diego San Diego California Construction of Phase 1-North City of San Diego's multi-year Pure Water program to achieve 30 millions of gallons per day of purified water production by 2021.
Public Utilities Commission of the City and County of San Francisco, Wastewater Enterprise (SFPUC WWE) San Francisco California Replacement of the outdated existing 60-year old solids treatment facilities with infrastructure that produces higher-quality Class A biosolids, captures and treats odors more effectively, and maximizes biogas utilization and energy recovery.
City of San Jacinto San Jacinto California Widen a five-mile segment of the San Jacinto River from 300 feet to over 1200 feet by converting 448 acres of farmland and dairy lands to natural uses to establish about 300 acres of additional active riverine and riparian habitat for common and sensitive species.
San Mateo – Foster City Public Financing Authority San Mateo California Construction of pipeline improvements, pump station upgrades, and an in-system storage facility to improve aging wastewater collection and treatment system and reduce sanitary sewer overflow occurrences to within regulatory requirements.
Soquel Creek Water District Soquel California Construction of a new groundwater replenishment project that uses advanced water purification methods to purify recycled water and convey it to recharge wells to replenish the groundwater basin and protect against seawater intrusion.
The City of South San Francisco South San Francisco California Replacement and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure to increase the peak secondary treatment capacity at the water quality control plant by 10 millions of gallons per day. Replacement and rehabilitation of digesters to improve water quality control plant reliability.
County Sanitation District No. 2 of Los Angeles County (Joint Outfall Districts)1 Whittier California Design and installation of a biogas conditioning plant to upgrade up to 400 standard cubic feet per minute of digester gas from anaerobic co-digestion of biosolids with the addition of food waste. Construction of a 6.9-mile long tunnel to convey effluent from the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant (JWPCP) in Carson to its ocean outfalls at White Point in San Pedro. Rehabilitation of the joint outfall relief sewer and trunk sewer. 
Town of Eagle Eagle Colorado Construction of the first phase (2.5 millions of gallons per day) of a new 5 millions of gallons per day surface water treatment plant for the Town of Eagle’s public water system.
Osceola County Board of Commissioners Kissimmee Florida Construction of an approximately 150-acre regional stormwater facility to provide water quality treatment to reduce pollutant loading into Lake Tohopekaliga and southern ecosystems, including the Everglades.
Pasco County Board of County Commissioners Land O' Lakes Florida Rehabilitation and expansion of the Wesley Center Wastewater Treatment Plant including assessment, planning (20-year period), design, and construction phase services.
Miami-Dade County Miami Florida Construction of new wells at three wastewater treatment plants to allow for redirecting existing effluent discharges from the ocean outfalls to injection wells.
City of Atlanta Atlanta Georgia A bundled set of projects to improve resilency and address significant damages to the City's wastewater facilities.
Morton Grove Niles Water Commission Morgan Grove & Niles Illinois Construction of roughly 7.4 miles of water main to deliver water from Evanston, Illinois including transmission mains, two pump stations, and a standpipe.
Indiana Finance Authority Statewide Indiana Expand the reach of its Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund programs and fund dozens of additional projects in communities across the state.
City of Wichita, Kansas Wichita Kansas A bundled set of projects for the city’s water and wastewater infrastructure including the construction of a new 120 millions of gallons per day water treatment plant to provide redundancy and upgrades at three wastewater treatment plants to meet biological nutrient removal requirements.
City of Holyoke, MA Holyoke Massachusetts Construction of an anaerobic digester with a biogas cogeneration engine for city/regional sludge disposal and to act as a commercial food waste disposal facility. Separation of combined sewers.
Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) Baltimore Maryland A bundled set of projects to repair, rehabilitate, replace, and upgrade the overall water system. Encompasses wastewater collection and treatment, water treatment and distribution, and stormwater management throughout the City of Baltimore.
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Laurel Maryland A program, including inspection, evaluation, planning, design and construction, required for the rehabilitation of sewer mains, their associated manholes, and related infrastructure in environmentally sensitive areas.
Maine Water Company Saco Maine Construction of a new 20 millions of gallons per day water treatment facility to replace the existing facility that has been providing service to the communities of Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, and Scarborough, Maine since 1884.
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District2 St. Louis Missouri Construction of a pump station at the downstream end of a sanitary sewage storage tunnel and approximately 15,900 feet of 8-inch to 54-inch sanitary sewer and slip-line 1,700 feet of sanitary sewer and appurtenances to address sanitary sewer overflows.
West Rankin Utility Authority Richland Mississippi Design and construct a new wastewater treatment facility with the capacity to biologically treat up to 20 millions of gallons per day of wastewater. The facility will use an activated sludge process with biological nutrient removal capabilities.
City of Omaha Omaha Nebraska Construction of a new  retention treatment basin to address combined sewer overflows in the Saddle Creek Basin.
Lehigh County Authority Allentown Pennsylvania A bundled set of projects to repair and upgrade the existing facilities, pump stations, force mains, and interceptors, as well as construct new parallel interceptors to address sanitary sewer overflows per Administrative Order.
City of Memphis, Tennessee Memphis Tennessee Facility-wide program to expand the biological treatment capacity of the facility, add wastewater effluent disinfection to comply with the upcoming NPDES permit, address plant odor concerns, and provide additional biosolids lagoon capacity up to 90 millions of gallons per day.
City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee Oak Ridge Tennessee Design and construction of a new 16 millions of gallons per day membrane treatment plant and associated assets to replace the existing 80-year old conventional treatment plant, which is currently at capacity and beyond its useful life.
King County Seattle Washington Construction of a new Wet Weather Treatment Station, conveyance pipelines, and outfall structure to treat combined sewer overflows prior to discharge into the Lower Duwamish Waterway.
City of Milwaukee Milwaukee Wisconsin A program of priority wastewater and stormwater projects to replace or rehabilitate the existing infrastructure in the City of Milwaukee.
1County Sanitation District No. 2 of Los Angeles County (Joint Outfall Districts) submitted three separate letters of interest.
2Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District submitted two separate letters of interest.

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Selected Projects

The WIFIA program is inviting 12 entities with projects in nine states to apply for more than $2 billion in Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loans. These potential applicants were selected from a group of projects that represent large and small communities from across the United States that submitted letters of interest to EPA in April 2017. This year’s projects will also leverage more than $1 billion in private capital, in addition to other funding sources including EPA’s State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans, to help finance a total of $5.1 billion in water infrastructure investments. The selected projects demonstrate the broad range of project types that the WIFIA program can finance including wastewater, drinking water, stormwater, and water recycling projects.

After an invitee applies for WIFIA credit assistance, the WIFIA program conducts a detailed financial and engineering review in order to develop the terms and conditions for the project. Once a mutually agreeable term sheet is developed, the Administrator approves the loan and executes the term sheet. Based on the term sheet, the WIFIA program finalizes the terms of credit assistance. At closing, the Administrator and the borrower execute the credit agreement, which is the binding legal document that allows the borrower to receive WIFIA funds.

View one-page summaries of the FY 2017 selected projects.

See EPA's News Release to learn more.

U.S. map identifying locations of projects selected by EPA to apply for WIFIA assistance

Project Name Borrower Requested Loan Amount
Ocean Outfall Discharge Reduction and Resiliency Enhancement Project Miami-Dade County (Florida) $79 million
Deer Creek Sanitary Tunnel and Sanitary Relief Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (Missouri) $43 million
Saddle Creek Combined Sewer Overflow Retention Treatment Basin City of Omaha (Nebraska) $55 million
Groundwater Replenishment System Final Expansion Orange County Water District (California) $124 million
Pure Water San Diego City of San Diego (California) $492 million
Indiana Finance Authority FY 2017 Indiana Finance Authority (Indiana) $436 million
Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station King County (Washington) $129 million
Comprehensive Infrastructure Repair, Rehabilitation and Replacement Program Baltimore City Department of Public Works (Maryland) $200 million
Saco River Water Treatment Facility Maine Water Company (Maine) (Private) $25 million
Water Treatment Plant Design and Construction City of Oak Ridge (Tennessee) $22 million
Water Reclamation Facility Project City of Morro Bay (California) (Small Community) $82 million
Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant Biosolids Digester Facilities Project San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (California) $625 million

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