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Greener Products

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Eco-Labeling Programs & Rating Tools

EPA product eco-labeling programs

Additional federal product eco-labeling programs

External, non-EPA, product eco-labels and standards addressing more than one major environmental issue

Please note that the EPA does not necessarily endorse these non-EPA eco-labeling programs and standards.

Product eco-labeling program and standard finder tools

Web-based tools for rating public health and environmental impacts of products

Market Research

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Voluntary Standards

Background on Voluntary Standards

Standards for Life-cycle assessment of Products

American National Standards for the environmental sustainability of products (Standards developed using ANSI-accredited process) (PDF)

Standards under development by ANSI-accredited organizations (being developed with intent of becoming American National Standards (PDF)). Visit these Standard Developer’s websites for examples.

Standards—Other publications supporting the development and use of product sustainability standards, labeling and declarations

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Claims & Verification

Environmental or "green" claims and "greenwashing." Exit EPA Disclaimer

Verification of claims for environmental sustainability of products

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Institutional Purchasing

Federal purchasing of greener products

Other sources for institutional purchasing of more environmentally sustainable products

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Mandatory Greener Product Initiatives

Mandatory eco-labeling

Mandatory standards

Tax and other financial incentives

Public Health & Environmental Impact of Products

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Key Multi-Stakeholder Greener Product Initiatives

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Measurement & Evaluation 

Life-cycle analysis/assessment (LCA) of environmental sustainability of products

Tools for assessing cleaner ingredients in products

Measuring the performance of and evaluating product sustainability initiatives

Results achieved by voluntary product sustainability programs

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Select Research & International Initiatives

National Academy of Science reports related to Greener Products

Resource for Finding International Product Eco-Labeling Programs

Voluntary Eco-Labeling

Reports on Eco-Labeling and Green Product Procurement

Mandatory Eco-Labeling

International green procurement

Mandatory standards

Research in the Environmental Impact of Products

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Federal Initiatives

Statements by senior federal government officials on product sustainability


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