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In August 2011 EPA issued the final Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Rule) previously referred to as the Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) Modifications Rule. The purpose of this program is to collect quality screening-level, exposure-related information on chemical substances and to make that information available for use by EPA and, to the extent possible, due to data confidentiality claims, to the public. The CDR data are used to support risk screening, assessment, priority setting and management activities and constitute the most comprehensive source of basic screening-level, exposure-related information on chemicals available to EPA.

Read information on new chemicals and on programs for existing chemicals under TSCA.

This Web site includes:

Basic Information - Read about the final Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Rule, which was proposed as the Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) Modifications Rule, for the 2012 submission period and further changes that are effective for future submission periods. Review the general reporting requirements in the CDR regulations and the history of Inventory Update Reporting (IUR) regulations, as they were called before August 2011.

CDR/IUR Data - Search non-confidential IUR data for 2006 and past IUR reporting periods.

About Submissions - The 2012 submission period for the 2012 CDR ended on August 13. Find guidance on submitting corrections to your 2006 and earlier IUR reports and what to do if you missed reporting for the 2006 IUR.

Even though the reporting period for CDR has ended, EPA will continue to provide support to companies through a range of resources:

Note: You should not send emails containing confidential business information (CBI) to EPA. If your questions will include CBI or information that you do not wish to be disclosed by the Agency, please address them to:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
TSCA Confidential Business Information Center
EPA East Building, Room 6428
1201 Constitution Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20004-3302
Attention: Chemical Data Reporting Coordinator

Confidentiality - Read guidance on how companies can claim information reported to EPA as confidential and the new required substantiation questions for the 2012 Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Regulations, previously called Inventory Update Reporting (IUR).

Resources - Find various instructions, guidance, reporting forms, regulatory information, presentations and other materials to help companies report.

Petitions for Partial Exemption - Search for petitions that have already been submitted. Find guidance to add to the list of chemicals of low current interest for which reporting requirements are reduced.

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