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Global Change Impacts & Adaptation

Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS)

ICLUS+ Web viewer demonstrates dataset scenarios

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ICLUS project

Project Overview

The EPA Global Change Research Program's Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS) project is developing scenarios broadly consistent with global-scale, peer-reviewed storylines of population growth and economic development, which are used by climate change modelers to develop projections of future climate.

Climate change and land-use change are global drivers of environmental change. Impact assessments frequently show that interactions between climate and land-use changes can create serious challenges for aquatic ecosystems, water quality, and air quality. In many cases, it is impossible to determine the impact of climate change without consideration of land use and land cover dynamics.

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Podcast at EPA
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Listen to the ICLUS podcast (MP3) (3:51, 5.31MB)
Read the ICLUS podcast transcript (PDF) (2 pp, 70K, About PDF)


ICLUS Data for the National Climate Assessment

1. Refer to the EPA Land Use Scenarios Final Report and download the ICLUS v1.3.2 datasets or check out the ICLUS+ Web viewer

2. The ICLUS tools for ArcGIS will allow users to:

  • Customize housing density patterns by altering household size and travel time assumptions.
  • Subset county-level population projections by age, ethnicity and gender.
  • Generate a map of estimated impervious surface based on a housing density map

3. The ICLUS data for the National Climate Assessment


Jan 2009EPA partners with USGS to develop a geoprocessing tool.
Jun 2009EPA released the related report, Land-Use Scenarios: National-Scale Housing-Density Scenarios Consistent with Climate Change Storylines (Final Report).
Nov 2009EPA released the ICLUS User's Manual and Tool (External Review Draft) for public review and comment. [Federal Register Dec 8, 2009]
Sep 2010 EPA released ICLUS v1.3 and the final user's manual document
May 2011 EPA released ICLUS v1.3.1.
Jan 2012 EPA released the ICLUS Data for National Climate Assessments
Jul 2013 EPA released ICLUS v1.3.2.

Point of Contact

Britta Bierwagen
Phone : 703-347-8613
Email : bierwagen.britta@epa.gov
Phil Morefield
Phone : 703-308-8135
Email : morefield.philip@epa.gov

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