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  Bed Bugs
  Mosquito Control
  Pest Control and Pesticide Safety
  Pesticide Applicator Certification in Indian Country
  Pesticide Reevaluation
  Pesticide Registration
  Protecting Pets from Fleas and Ticks
  Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators from Pesticides
  Insect Repellents
  Ingredients Used in Pesticide Products
  Soil Fumigant Toolbox
  Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA)
  Reducing Pesticide Drift
  Pesticide Advisory Committees and Regulatory Partners
  Pesticide Contacts
  Minimum Risk Pesticides
  Analytical Methods and Procedures for Pesticides
  Managing Pests in Schools

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About Pesticides
about EPA's pesticides program,   contacts,   types of pesticidesfrequent questionsfact sheets,  information sourcesPesticide Program ReportspublicationshotlinesPesticide News Storiespesticide issues in the works

Health and Safety
human health issuesprotecting childrenprotecting petsworker safety and trainingusing pesticides safelypublic health issues,  illegal pesticide productsreducing riskemergency informationresourcesfood and pesticides

Environmental Effects
endangered speciesecological risk assessmentsother resources

Controlling Pests
residentshousing managerslawn & gardenat schoolin agriculture,  questions,  other resources

Regulating Pesticides
registering pesticides, registration manual (Blue Book), registration review, registration service feesantimicrobial pesticides,  biopesticidespesticide producing establishmentspesticide product labelsreevaluation - pesticide reviewpesticide tolerance reassessment and reregistrationelectronic submissionlaws,  NPDES permittinglabeling consistencyinternational activitiesadverse effects reportingstorage & disposalrestricted and canceled uses,  emergency exemptionspesticide tolerances,  registration information sources

Compliance and Enforcement
planning and resultsassistance,  monitoring,  enforcement

Grants and Partnerships
urban initiativeagricultural initiativePestWise/Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Programgrant tools,  research and development grants

Science and Policy
advisory committeespolicy and guidancetest guidelinesmodels and databases, analytical methods & procedures

Regions, States and Tribes
EPA Regional OfficesPesticide Field Programs, State Regulatory Agencies  Exit EPA disclaimer

For Kids
"Learn about Chemicals around Your House"Help! It's a Roach!,  Join Our Pest PatrolEndangered Species Coloring BookSave Our Species Poster,  EPA Explorers' Club, EPA High School Environmental CenterEPA Student Center

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