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Innovations in Air Quality Monitoring Special Issue

These are exciting times in the field of air quality measurement and monitoring. New technological advances are transforming and revolutionizing how we understand and protect air quality. Learn more in the introduction to this special issue of Science Matters. (Posted October 8, 2015)

Fenceline monitor.

Fenceline Monitoring

Next generation air measurement technologies are making it easier to track air pollution leaks from pipes, seals, and other areas at industrial facilities, which will help catch leaks on-site and in real time.  Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)

RETIGO in use

RETIGO: Complex Air Measurement Data Made Understandable

A new easy-to-use software program developed by EPA called RETIGO has made data analytics of environmental measurements as easy as using common spreadsheet programs. Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)

Google car with Aclima sensors.

Private, Government Collaboration Advances Air Sensor Technology

EPA and Aclima, a San Francisco-based technology company, are jointly developing new kinds of small, low-cost air pollution sensors that will provide real-time air quality information to the public.  Read about this exciting collaboration. (Posted July 29, 2015)

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DISCOVER-AQ: Tracking Pollution from the Skies (and Space!)

EPA and partners are working to improve sensors and satellite measurements and models that will lead to better air quality forecasts and more accurate assessments of pollution sources and fluctuations. Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)

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Monitoring Air Quality On The Go

Through EPA's Science to Achieve Results program, EPA-funded researchers at the University of California, San Diego are attempting to develop a high resolution network of optical air quality monitors that can be moved around and placed anywhere to “map” air particles, their concentrations, and related meteorological conditions.  Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)

Village Green bench

Village Green Project

EPA is putting science into the hands of the public with the installation of Village Green air monitoring benches in cities across the country. The public can view the data collected by instruments in the benches from on-site displays and a mobile-friendly website. Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)


Air Sensors and Wildfires

EPA scientists are launching tethered balloons called aerostats with innovative, lightweight air sensors they have developed to learn more about pollutants emitted from wildfires. This research will help us understand the health effects and emissions of wildfire smoke. Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)

researcher demonstrating air monitor at Ironbound Community

Citizen Science in Newark, New Jersey

Residents of the Ironbound community in Newark, New Jersey are getting a technological boost from EPA in their efforts to learn about sources of harmful air pollutants and improve public health. Read more. (Posted October 8, 2015)

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