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U.S. EPA announces April 17 public comment period in Maywood, Calif.

Release Date: 4/5/2004
Contact Information: Francisco Arcaute, U.S. EPA, (213-452-3378)

     Spanish-speaking staff will be available

LOS ANGELES - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requesting comments on its proposed cleanup plan for the Pemaco Superfund Site in Maywood, Calif. that describes the cleanup options the EPA and other regulatory agencies are considering for the site.

    Area residents will have the opportunity to meet with EPA representatives, examine the proposed cleanup options, and make comments at the following upcoming community meeting:
            Pemaco Superfund Site Community Meeting
               Saturday, April 17, 2004, 11:00 AM
               Maywood Activity Center 4801 E. 58th Street (corner of Heliotrope Ave. and E. 58th Street),Maywood, California 90270
    The Pemaco Site is on the footprint of a former chemical plant.  There, contaminants were spilled or released onto the soil and the groundwater beneath the site and now have to be removed.
    The EPA's proposed solution consists of three different steps:
     placing a cap of clean soil and vegetation over the site;
     extracting groundwater and soil vapors and running them through two different treatment systems;
     heating the soil and groundwater to a temperature that would cause the contamination to come out as vapors that are then collected and destroyed in a treatment system.  
     For additional information on the Pemaco Superfund Site, please visit:
  Superfund Records Center              Maywood Cesar Chavez Public Library
  95 Hawthorne Street, Suite 403S       4323 E. Slauson Avenue            
  San Francisco, CA  94105-3901         Maywood, CA 90270  
  (415) 536-2000                        (323) 771-8600          
Also, please contact:
Rose Marie Caraway, Remedial Project Manager  Telephone: (415) 972-3158
U.S. EPA Region 9                             Toll free:     (800) 231-3075
75 Hawthorne Street (SFD 7-2)                 Fax:      (415) 972-3526
San Francisco, CA 94105-3901                  E-mail: