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Release Date: 4/22/1999
Contact Information: Carol Febbo 814-2076

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. - Today the Downingtown Area School District joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to improve indoor air quality, prevent pollution and use energy more efficiently.
In a ceremony at Downingtown’s Shamona Creek Elementary School, EPA recognized the school district's commitment to indoor air quality. In addition, the district formalized its commitment to EPA’s ENERGY STAR Buildings Partnership to reduce pollution and save energy. The school district also revealed its new recycling plan and the winners of an area-wide recycling contest.

"As we move into the 21st century, we are extremely pleased with the Downingtown Area School District’s example of environmental stewardship. They are truly demonstrating how much they care about protecting our children’s health by participating in these programs," said Judith Katz, Director of EPA’s Air Protection Division for the mid-Atlantic region.

During this ceremony, three pilot schools -- Brandywine Wallace Elementary School, Bradford Heights Elementary School, and Shamona Creek Elementary School, were awarded the “Tools for Schools” certificate. The certificates were given to the pilot schools for using EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools kit. The kit shows schools how to carry out a plan of action to prevent and resolve indoor air problems at little or no cost.

In joining the ENERGY STAR Buildings Partnership, the school district committed 1.4 million square feet of facility space for energy efficiency upgrades. These upgrades will result in the reduction of 7000 tons of carbon dioxide, 60 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 26 tons of nitrogen oxides, the elements which contribute to smog, acid rain, and global warming. These investments will also result in significant energy and operational cost savings for the district.

"It makes common sense and is good financial sense to participate in conservation and recycling. It does result in saving the environment as well as conserving funds. It is paying off for the district," said Gilbert Lappano, Director of Facilities, Planning & Management.

For more information on the Tools For Schools Program, call 215-814-2086. For more information on the ENERGY STAR Buildings Partnership and how to prevent pollution through energy efficiency, call 215-814-2024 or visit EPA’s Web site at