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Release Date: 04/17/2000
Contact Information: Dawn Harris, EPA Media Relations, 404-562-8421
Mr. Clarence Brown, the Sole Commissioner of Bartow County, Georgia has been named to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Local Government Advisory Committee. The Committee provides EPA Administrator Carol Browner with advice and recommendations to help build partnerships with local governments to better protect the nation's environment.

Mr. Brown has served in Bartow County government in various capacities for twenty-seven years. As Sole Commissioner, Mr. Brown currently holds a political distinction that is unique to only a handful of Georgia’s 159 counties. His position combines a responsibility to the citizens of Bartow County with administrative responsibilities similar to a County Manager. Commissioner Brown also serves as the Chairman of the Coosa Valley Regional Development Center (RDC) and on the Board of Managers for the Association of County Commissioners in Georgia.

A substantial part of EPA's mission involves developing and enforcing Federal regulations to protect and improve the environment. Local governments are essential partners in this mission. Serving as both regulators and regulated entities, they implement major environmental regulations and provide community

services such as drinking water treatment, waste water treatment and solid waste management. Local governments also play a key role in addressing environmental issues such as clean air, clean water, and sustainable development.

The Local Government Advisory Committee was formed in 1993. The group has provided recommendations to the Agency on a broad range of topics including communications, flexibility, strategic planning, regulatory innovation and reform, environmental protection tools, pollution prevention, new technologies, and roles of various levels of government. Mr. Brown will be one of 31 representatives from different regions of the country who will meet on a regular basis with EPA.