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Proposal to Remove Certain Combustion Turbines from Emissions Control

Release Date: 03/31/2004
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(03/31/04) Following a petition review and subsequent analysis, EPA has proposed to remove four of the eight subcategories of combustion turbines from emissions controls. The four subcategories include: 1) lean premix gas-fired turbines, 2) diffusion flame gas-fired turbines, 3) emergency stationary combustion turbines, and 4) stationary combustion turbines operated on the North Slope of Alaska. These turbines primarily burn natural gas and use oil as a backup to produce power. EPA reviewed exposure and health effects from these turbines submitted as part of a petition from the Gas Turbines Association. In addition to reviewing the association’s information, EPA conducted its own analysis on the source category to determine if any of the subcategories could be removed from regulatory consideration. After reviewing the industry’s request, and evaluating internal analyses, EPA has concluded that four subcategories meet the health and environmental criteria for delisting as required by the Clean Air Act. In a separate but closely related action, EPA proposed to stay, or delay, the enforcement of the combustion turbines hazardous air pollutant emissions standards for new turbines in the lean premix gas-fired turbines and diffusion flame gas-fired turbines subcategories. This action will avoid unnecessary expenditures on installation of emission controls which will not be required if these subcategories of turbines are delisted for regulation. The proposed rules and summary fact sheets are available at: