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EPA Recognizes International Paper’s Franklin Mill For Environmental Progress and Future Commitments

Release Date: 6/3/2004
Contact Information: Bonnie Smith, 215-814-5543

Bonnie Smith, 215-814-5543

PHILADELPHIA – Today, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized International Paper’s Franklin Mill, in Franklin, Va. for their participation in EPA=s National Environmental Performance Track program.

Through the performance track program, American businesses are pledging to go beyond what environmental laws require to protect the nations= air, water, and land.

“Through the leadership of facilities like International Paper Franklin Mill, we are moving toward a new era of environmental stewardship that will preserve and protect the environment for future generations,” said Donald S. Welsh, mid-Atlantic regional administrator.

International Paper Franklin Mill is one of 344 performance track facilities nationally. It is the only paper mill in EPA=s mid-Atlantic region’s membership of 28 facilities.

To be recognized as a performance track program, facilities must have:

$ an outstanding record in environmental management,
$ a demonstrated sustained environmental compliance,
$ specific environmental achievements, and

      $ a commitment to continuous improvement in several self-selected categories of environmental performance.

To be considered for the program, IP already implemented a robust environmental management system at Franklin Mill which has eliminated hazardous material use completely in the pulp bleaching process by substituting chlorine dioxide for elemental chlorine: in 2000, 7.8 tons of hazardous material was used; in 2002, zero tons. In addition, the company reduced total energy use by 15 percent in two years on one of the lime kilns by installing more energy efficient equipment and running it only when needed.

As a performance track member, IP Franklin Mill has committed to going beyond compliance over the next three years:

* to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 4 percent on the two largest power boilers,
      * to reduce use of 300 million gallons of water by reclaiming and reusing processing water,
      *to reduce total energy use by six percent on one of the lime kilns by installing energy efficient equipment, and
*to reduce particulate matter emissions by 13 percent on one of the power boilers.

The performance track is a voluntary partnership program based on the premise that government should complement existing programs with new tools and strategies that protect people and the environment, and also capture opportunities for reducing cost and spurring technological innovation.

Launched in June 2000, performance track has encouraged participation by small, medium and large facilities throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. All of the major industries are represented, with manufacturers of chemical, electronic and electrical, and medical equipment composing nearly 40 percent of the members. For additional information on the program, go to