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Release Date: 02/26/1999
Contact Information: Carl Terry, EPA Press and Media Relations, 404-562-8325

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today the settlement of a civil action against Gallatin Steel Company in Ghent, Kentucky for violations of the Clean Air Act (CAA).

The lawsuit, filed simultaneously with a Consent Decree, alleged that Gallatin Steel Company violated emissions limits in its air permit, constructed certain emissions units without a permit, failed to install and operate control equipment, and avoided preconstruction review requirements designed to prevent significant deterioration of air quality in a designated attainment area under the CAA. Although Gallatin Steel denies the allegations, the company has agreed to pay a fine and to begin a project to predict future emissions.

The Consent Decree requires Gallatin Steel Company to pay $450,000 to the United States Treasury as a civil penalty for the alleged violations. In addition, Gallatin Steel will perform a Supplemental Environmental Project costing in excess of $700,000 in which instances of excess carbon monoxide emissions will be predicted before they occur thereby affording the company an opportunity to reduce such emissions during the steel production process. Both EPA and Gallatin Steel agree that performance of the project is intended to secure significant environmental or public health protection and improvements.

By separate notice, the public will be given an opportunity to comment on the Consent Decree. Final approval and entry of the Consent Decree will not be given until public comments have been considered.