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U.S. EPA takes action against Eqyss International to protect horses and owners from unregistered pesticides

Release Date: 09/29/2008
Contact Information: Margot Perez-Sullivan, (415) 947-4149,

Horse products company required to pay $72,000 fine

LOS ANGELES - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has fined Eqyss International Inc., a Vista, Calif., retailer of horse care supplies, $72,000 for distributing four unregistered pesticides in violation of federal pesticide law.

The EPA determined that the company distributed four pesticides that were not registered with the Agency as required by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. The illegal products included:

Marigold Spray and Marigold Mist, two products intended to repel flies from horses;
Anti-Microbial Wrap and Blanket Wash, a product intended to kill germs and bacteria on tack and bedding for horses;
McNasty Anti-Chewing Spray, a product intended to prevent unwanted chewing by horses.

“Without proper labeling and registration, these illegal pesticides could endanger horses and their owners," said Katherine Taylor, the Associate Director of the EPA's Communities and Ecosystems Division for the Pacific Southwest region. “EPA's responsibility is to make sure that products claiming to be pesticides have been properly evaluated, and are labeled so that consumers can use them safely.”

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation discovered the products during inspections at several retail establishments in the state. The EPA then completed the investigation with an inspection at the company’s headquarters in December 2007.

Manufacturers who claim their products prevent, destroy or repel any pest must register the products as pesticides with the EPA. The Agency will not register a pesticide until it has been tested to show that it will not pose an unreasonable risk when used according to the directions. Consumers should be careful to look for the EPA registration number printed on product labels, and to follow the directions for use.

For more information on pesticide regulation and enforcement, please visit the EPA's Web site at: