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Release Date: 04/30/98
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture is establishing a new advisory group to ensure the broadest possible public involvement as it moves forward to implement the Food Quality Protection Act. This new committee responds to Vice President Gore's request that implementation of the new law is informed by appropriate input from affected members of the public.
EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner said, "The new committee to advise EPA on pesticide-safety issues is part of the Clinton Administration's common-sense approach to protect public health while ensuring the abundance of America's food supply. One of the most important parts of that approach is consulting openly and often with a broad variety of groups representing the views of the American public. We look forward to hearing from this committee on issues ranging from protecting children's health to using the best scientific data in our decision making."

USDA Deputy Secretary Richard Rominger said, “USDA looks forward to working closely with EPA and this advisory group to develop a scientifically sound and balanced implementation strategy for FQPA. Using this process to craft an effective transition strategy for at-risk commodities is critically important to USDA and American agriculture.”

The new committee will be co-chaired by EPA Deputy Administrator Fred Hansen and USDA’s Richard Rominger. Its members will be made up of experts that include farmers, environmentalists, public health officials, pediatric experts, pesticide companies, food processors and distributors, public interest groups, academicians, and state, local and tribal governments.

The new committee will advise EPA and USDA on a host of issues pertaining to the implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act. Examples of those issues include helping EPA use the best science in making decisions about pesticide safety; helping EPA set priorities in considering broad categories of pesticides, such as organophosphates; helping EPA speed the pace of decisions on pesticide safety to make sure that farmers can have products they need in a timely way, advising USDA on prioritizing research programs to address FQPA-driven needs, and making sure pesticide safety rules are protective of children.

A list of nominees is attached.


                                                     May 1, 1998


Fred Hansen                        Richard Rominger Deputy Administrator, EPA               Deputy Secretary, USDA Co-Chair                      Co-Chair

Environmental/Consumer Organizations/Farmworker Representatives  Sara Lynch, World Wildlife Fund Carolyn Brickey, National Campaign for Pesticide Policy Reform Ken Cook, Environmental Working Group Jeannine Kenney, Consumers Union John Adams, Natural Resources Defense Council Marion Moses, Pesticide Education Center Nelson Carrasquillo, Executive Director, C.A.T.A. Shelley Davis, Farmworker Justice Fund

Agriculture/Farmer Representatives  Bill Spencer, Citrus Farmer/Marketer/Shipper, Yuma, Arizona Brad Luckey, Farmer, Imperial County, California Dan Botts, Florida Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Assocation Wally Ewart, Northwest Horticultural Council William T. Lovelady, Chairman, National Cotton Council Jim Czub, National Corn Growers Association, New York Larry Elworth, Program for Strategic Pest Management Charles Mellinger, National Association of Independent Crop Consultants, Florida Robin Spitko, Plant Pathologist, Massachusetts Steven Pavich, Organic Grape Producer, Terra Bella, CA

Pesticide Companies  Emilio Bontempo, Novartis Jon Jessen, Gowan Elin Miller, DowElanco Jay Vroom, American Crop Protection Association Linda Fisher, Monsanto  Nancy Rachman, American Cyanamid

Other Federal Agencies  Mike Friedman, Food and Drug Administration Dick Jackson, Centers for Disease Control

NACEPT/SAP Representatives Mark Greenwood, Ropes & Gray  Gene McConnell, Chair, FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)

Academia Dr. J. Routt Reigart, Pediatrician, Medical University of South Carolina Dr. Michael Shannon, Pediatrician, Boston University Dr. John Yargo, Yale University Mark Whalon, Michigan State University Dr. Jose Amador, Director, Agriculture Research & Extension Center, Texas A&M Mike Linker, North Carolina State University (State Extension Service)

Tribal, State, & Local Representatives  Greg Phillips, Omaha Tribe Jean Marie Peltier, California Department of Pesticide Regulation David Scott, President, AAPCO, Indiana Henry (Andy) Anderson, Association of State & Territorial Health Officials, Wisconsin Allie Devine, Agriculture Commissioner, Kansas Bill Cottkamp, Supervisor of Vector Control, St. Louis County Dept of Health, MO

Food Processors/Distributors  Alfred Piergallini, Gerber John Cady, National Food Processors Association Kay Holcombe, Policy Directions, Inc. Mike Taylor, King & Spaulding William Spain, Senior Vice President, Technology & Government Affairs, Del Monte Foods Margaret Wittenberg, Whole Foods, Austin, Texas

Structural Pest Control User Robert Rosenberg, National Pest Control Association


EPA Regional Office Laura Yoshii, Acting Deputy Regional Administrator, Region IX

EPA Office of Children's Health Protection Ramona Trovato, Director

USDA All Jennings, Office of Pest Management, USDA

Congressional Participants

Howard Cohen, House Commerce Committee John Ford, House Commerce Committee Eric Burger, House Commerce Committee Greg Dotson, Congressman Waxman's Office Bill O'Connor, House Agriculture Committee Vernie Hubert, House Agriculture Committee Terri Nintemann, Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Phil Schwab, Senate Committeee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Jean Fruci, House Committee on Science Paul Charton, Office of Congressman Berry Jay Hawkins, Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources