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Cleanup Progress Reviewed at Norwalk, Conn. Superfund Site / Buildings to be demolished along Main Avenue in separate action

Release Date: 05/31/2007
Contact Information: David Deegan, 617-918-1017

(Boston, Mass. - May 31, 2007) - EPA will shortly begin a periodic review of the effectiveness of soil and groundwater treatment remedies in place at the Kellogg-Deering Well Field Superfund Site, located on Route 7 in Norwalk, Conn. The assessment, called a "five-year review," is a comprehensive evaluation of the site and work previously completed to ensure protection of human and environmental health. Previous reviews were completed in 1992, 1997, and 2002.

Under the five year review, EPA will perform tasks such as checking the well field and Complex treatment systems to ensure that they are operating as designed and are being properly maintained; interviewing local officials and community members to identify if problems exist with the site; and assessing records and reports.

The information gathered will be evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the cleanup plan in protecting public health and the environment. The five year review process is anticipated to be completed this summer, and a final report will be made available to the public in the fall.

In 1988, Norwalk First Taxing District (NFTD) constructed a treatment facility to remove solvents from the groundwater at the municipal well field located west of the Norwalk River. Treated groundwater is discharged to a conventional water treatment plant and water distribution system to ensure the supply of safe potable water to the public. The NFTD Water Department is the owner of the facility and is responsible for on-going operations and maintenance of the treatment system for the well field portion of the site.

In 1996, a second treatment system was constructed to clean up contaminated soils and groundwater at the Elinco/Pitney Bowes/Matheis Court Complex on the east side of Main Avenue that were determined to be a source of contamination impacting the well field. The soil component of this treatment system removed vapors from the unsaturated soils. In 2006, EPA determined that the federal cleanup goals for the soils on the Complex had been met and the system was then dismantled. The groundwater component removes contamination from groundwater in both the saturated soil and from the bedrock. Monitoring of contamination levels has shown the system to be effective in removing significant amounts of contamination from the groundwater. Operation and monitoring of the groundwater system continues.

The Kellogg-Deering Well Field site consists of an approximately 10-acre municipal well field and adjacent areas that contribute to the well field contamination. Groundwater sampling data indicated that a significant source of contamination exists below the Elinco/Pitney Bowes/ Matheis Court Complex located at the eastern edge of the site. The well field supplies approximately 10 percent of the drinking water to 80,000 residents in the City of Norwalk. The primary source of public water supply to the NFTD is surface water from four reservoirs. Reservoir water is blended with well field water at varying ratios, depending on reservoir storage and distribution system location. The well field is adjacent to residential and light industrial areas.

Three Buildings to be Demolished at the Superfund Site

Under a separate action, the owners of the Kellogg Deering Well Field Superfund site, Baii Recouvrement, plan to demolish three buildings at the site beginning May 31. These buildings include the Zell buildings and the Elinco building located on Main Avenue (Route 7). All three buildings have been vacant for several years and are in deteriorating condition.

EPA estimates the demolition will take approximately four weeks. In anticipation of the demolition, BAII contractors removed hazardous materials from the buildings and have installed safety fencing around the property to control access. The Elinco Building is slated to be demolished first followed by the two Zell Buildings.

After the buildings are demolished, building debris will be moved to an approved disposal facility. The foundations will remain in place.

More information: EPA clean up work at the Kellogg-Deering Well Field site (

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