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EPA Finalizes Plans to Clean Up Five Superfund Sites in New York

Release Date: 10/10/2006
Contact Information: Ben Barry (212) 637-3651 or

(New York, NY) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has selected the final plans for actions that will result in cleaner and healthier environments for the people who live and work near five Superfund sites in New York. These plans are based on investigations of contamination at each site, a comprehensive review of possible cleanup approaches, and comments from residents and other affected stakeholders.

“Now that we have final plans for these sites, we bring these communities one step closer to rectifying the legacy of contamination left behind at these sites,” said Regional Administrator Alan J. Steinberg. “As we continue to make progress at these sites, EPA will work closely with the affected communities to ensure that they are kept informed and given every opportunity to be involved in the cleanup process.”

Below is a list of the sites and cleanup plans:

Little Valley (Cattaraugus County) – EPA modified its cleanup plan for this site and to address the contamination by extracting trichloroethylene from the soil by using a method that pulls air through the soil to cause the contamination to evaporate, then traps the TCE and releases the clean air. This method will remove the contamination while leaving the soil in place.
For more information about the Little Valley Superfund site:

Hiteman Leather (Herkimer County) - EPA will address contaminated soil and sediment at the Hiteman Leather Company Superfund site, the Undilla River and a nearby wetland by digging up the affected soil and sediment, removing any water, and then treating it with chemicals that bind the contaminants together so they cannot spread to other areas of the site. EPA also plans to pump out ground water from under the site and treat it to remove chromium and other metals.
For more information on the Hiteman Leather Company site:

Lawrence Aviation (Suffolk County) – The plan for this site calls for removing and disposing of contaminated soil, constructing two treatment plants to remove contaminants from the ground water, and evaluating the potential for vapors from the soil to make their way through the ground water into homes and other structures.
For more information on the Lawrence Aviation site:

Solvent Savers (Chenango County) – EPA modified the cleanup plans for this site after a significant reduction in the contamination after treating the soil for 11 years. The modified plan includes removing the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)- and volatile organic compound (VOC)-contaminated soil and taking it off-site to treat and dispose of it.
For more information on the Solvent Savers site:

Consolidated Iron (Orange County) – The plan for the site is to remove approximately 78,000 cubic yards of soil contaminated with lead, VOCs, and PCBs. In addition, EPA will continue to monitor the ground water to ensure that it is not impacted by these activities.
For more information on the Consolidated Iron site: