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Emission Solutions, Inc. joins Blue Skyways Collaborative

Release Date: 12/19/2006
Contact Information: Kathryn Burke at 405-378-7377 or Dave Bary at 214-665-2200

(McKinney, Texas – December 19, 2006) – The Blue Skyways Collaborative, a voluntary program to reduce air pollution, is partnering with Emission Solutions, Inc. (ESI) to help reduce air pollution in central Texas and throughout the heartland of America.

ESI has set a voluntary goal to replace up to 5,000 older diesel engines (pre-2006) with their Phoenix series of gaseous-fueled engines. The new engines help reduce the amount of particulate matter, nitrous oxides, and non-methane hydrocarbon pollutants that are released into the air.

“ESI has gone the extra mile to help cut down on air pollution,” said EPA Regional Administrator Richard E. Greene. “We’re proud to welcome ESI as a new partner to the Blue Skyways Collaborative.”

The collaborative works to improve the quality of life in the central United States through diesel technology innovations in the areas of construction, agriculture and transportation of people and goods. Blue Skyways also addresses alternative fuels production and use, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

ESI designs, engineers and manufactures gaseous fueled engines from older diesel engine cores. They make engines that use compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas and liquid petroleum gas. ESI targets short haul service and distribution fleets such as school buses and vehicles used in the food and beverage, utilities, refuse and non-road sectors. Over the next six years, ESI will retrofit 5,000 diesel engines that will result in the elimination of 833 tons per year of nitrous oxides and 25 tons per year of particulate matter.

The Blue Skyways Collaborative is a group of businesses, communities and government agencies voluntarily working together to significantly reduce air pollution emissions. The collaborative covers 10 central states – Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico and Oklahoma – and along the borders with Canada and Mexico.

Collaborative partners and participants leverage resources and share professional and technical expertise. Blue Skyways assists partners in identifying cost effective approaches to contribute to air quality goals.

More information about the Blue Skyways Collaborative is available at