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EPA Backs Rep. Greenwood on Protecting Tohickon Creek

Release Date: 3/16/2000
Contact Information: Patrick Boyle (215) 814-5533

Patrick Boyle, 215-814-5533

PHILADELPHIA -- U. S. EPA Regional Administrator Bradley Campbell tomorrow will walk Tohickon Creek in rural Bucks County with U. S. Rep. James Greenwood to underscore concerns about degraded water quality in Pennsylvania streams and to pledge continuing federal protection.

Rep. Greenwood and Campbell will meet local elected officials at 9:30 a.m. Friday, March 17 at the Stover-Myers Mill Park to join environmentalists’ call for the Commonwealth to designate Tohickon Creek as an "exceptional value waterway." That rating would protect the stream from degrading discharges such as sewage, which has been a problem in Bucks County.

Campbell also will announce that he is approving Pennsylvania’s regulations to prevent streams from being degraded. But EPA’s letter withholds approval of part of the regulations that define Aexceptional value waters@ entitled to the highest standards of protection. Instead, Campbell commits to keeping a federal backstop in place.

Reporters wishing to accompany Rep. Greenwood and Mr. Campbell on tomorrow’s creek-walk should meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Stover-Myers Mill. DIRECTIONS: Route. 611 north into Pipersville. Bear right on Route 413/Old Easton Road until it becomes Dark Hollow Road. Follow Dark Hollow Road to the end at Stover-Myers Mill Park.
Meet in the parking lot at the T-intersection.