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In Celebration of Earth Week, Large-scale Philly Recycler Joins EPA Program to Reduce U.S. Waste

Release Date: 04/24/2013
Contact Information: Terri White 215-814-5523,

PHILADELPIA (April 24, 2013) – At today’s signing ceremony Revolution Recovery joined approximately 1,500 businesses nationwide to partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in reducing industrial waste.

Today, EPA Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin welcomed Revolution Recovery Partner/Owner Avi Golen into the agency's WasteWise program, and both formally signed the agreement. The ceremony took place at Revolution Recovery’s facility at 7333 Milnor St., in Northeast Philadelphia.

As a WasteWise partner, Revolution Recovery, will demonstrate how they reduce waste, and will help educate other businesses and organizations about the benefits of recycling construction and demolition waste.

“We're pleased that Revolution Recovery is joining with EPA because as a successful green-jobs creator, they'll be actively involved in educating the next generation of environmentally-aware businesses and organizations. Revolution Recovery has become an environmental steward and is leading by example,” said EPA Regional Administrator Garvin.

Revolution Recovery’s goal is to keep construction and demolition waste out of landfills because almost all job site wastes such as steel, concrete, drywall, lumber and glass are recyclable.

“Revolution Recovery’s mission is to keep materials out of landfills, and our goal is to be a zero waste company,” said Golen. “Our team is dedicated to making this a reality while building a sustainable company. We are pleased to have our goals align with the EPA’s mission to protect the environment and build a better community.”

In 2004, the company began business without clients, without a truck and in the beginning, they sorted materials by hand. Last year the company added a second operation bringing the total number of employees to almost 80, with plans for continued growth.

Revolution Recovery continues to find recycling opportunities for a variety of construction debris including drywall, which is turned into soil amendments, fertilizers and conditioners; wood waste which is processed into mulch products; and scrap metal which is melted down to make new raw materials.

The company has also added a new material: carpeting. Until recently, it was too cumbersome and cost prohibitive for recycling. But the process has greatly improved and more and more carpet is getting recycled into new plastic and carpet products.

In addition, Revolution Recovery donates recycled materials for community projects at area universities, garden and landscaping programs and design studios.

EPA introduced the WasteWise program in 1994 to help organizations and businesses apply sustainable materials management practices to reduce municipal and industrial waste.

For more information about WasteWise, go to: