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U.S. EPA signs agreement with Glendale property owner to investigate chromium contamination in Glendale

Release Date: 08/18/2008
Contact Information: Francisco Arcaute, (213) 244-1815, cell (213) 798-1404

(08/18/08) LOS ANGELES – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has entered into an agreement with a Glendale property owner to investigate chromium contamination at the former Drilube Broadway property, located within the San Fernando Valley Area 2 Superfund Site, in Glendale, Calif. The investigation will help determine the need for cleanup actions at the site.

Between 1945 – 2004, the former Drilube Company operated an aerospace and aircraft plating, painting and metal finishing operation which used hazardous substances including chromic acid, muriatic acid, nickel compounds, sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, caustic potash, and sulfuric acid.

“Cleaning up contamination is essential to protecting San Fernando Valley groundwater resources from further chromium contamination,” said Keith Takata, EPA’s Superfund Director for the Pacific Southwest region. “This agreement to perform an investigation of soil and groundwater contamination at the former Drilube Broadway property is a key part of our ongoing efforts to clean up chromium contamination in the Glendale area.”

The EPA has been active in groundwater cleanup efforts in the San Fernando Valley area since the early 1980s when solvent contamination was first discovered. Last year, the EPA launched a focused investigation on chromium groundwater contamination within the Glendale Superfund site area that will lead to cleanups at chromium sources impacting Glendale area groundwater.

Today’s agreement is the third such action taken by EPA this year to require private parties to conduct investigations at chromium contamination sites in the San Fernando Valley.

Chromium is a metal found in natural deposits as ores containing other elements. The greatest use of chromium is in metal alloys such as stainless steel, protective coatings on metal, magnetic tapes, and pigments for paints, cement, paper, rubber, composition floor covering and other materials. Its soluble forms are used in wood preservatives.

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