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Read the Label FIRST! Announced at the Flower Show

Release Date: 3/6/2000
Contact Information: Bonnie Smith (215) 814-5543

Bonnie Smith, 215-814-5543

PHILADELPHIA - - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and members of the garden and household products industry today launched a nationwide campaign to encourage consumers to read the information on household product labels with a press conference at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

The "Read the Label FIRST!" is part of the Consumer Labeling Initiative. It is a voluntary partnership to improve labels and help the public purchase, use and dispose of products safely. The campaign coincides with new, easier-to-read labels on many home pesticide and cleaning products now on store shelves.

EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner said, "This administration has shown that protecting public health and the environment, especially the health of children, can be accomplished through voluntary efforts. When consumers " Read The Label FIRST!" it will help them to make informed choices in purchasing products and using them safely in their homes."

After three years of national consumer research on how people use product labels, companies are voluntarily changing labels to make them easier to read and understand. Language has been simplified. For example, the phrase, "Statement of Practical Treatment" is replaced with a more user-friendly, "First Aid." With the help of poison control centers and other health professionals, first aid directions on labels are now easier to understand. The new labels also present information in a clearer, more attractive way.

"We are proud that this national campaign is kicking off here in Philadelphia, at one of our big educational initiatives -- the EPA exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The labeling campaign is an example of how EPA helps Americans protect their children, their homes, and the environment," said Bradley Campbell, regional administrator.

Look for the new labels on store shelves. Before you use home and garden products, please Read The Label FIRST!