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EPA cites mobile home maker $11,050 for hazardous chemical reporting violations

Release Date: 10/2/2003
Contact Information: Wendy L. Chavez, (415) 947-4248

SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today fined a modular homes manufacturer $11,050 for failing to report the amount released of a toxic chemical from the company's Chandler, Ariz. facility.

Redman Homes processed approximately 48,750 pounds of diisocynates in 1999 and the federal community-right-to-know law require companies processing more than 25,000 pounds of diisocynates in a year to report to the EPA. Redman Homes is no longer in business and its parent company, Champion Homes, will pay the fine.

Diisocyanates are present in adhesives used to build the homes and are suspected respiratory toxins. Acute exposure to these toxins can trigger effects ranging from mild irritation to death by asphyxiation. Prolonged exposure can cause structural damage to the lungs, resulting in chronic diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema and cancer.

"These right-to-know reports give local citizens valuable information on chemicals being released in their communities," said Enrique Manzanilla, the EPA's regional Cross Media Division director for the Pacific Southwest region. "Companies need to follow through on their reporting responsibilities."

Federal law requires regulated facilities using, manufacturing, or processing chemicals over certain amounts to file annual reports with the EPA and the state no later than July 1 of each year.

Each year the EPA publishes a report entitled the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Public Data Release, which summarizes the prior year's submissions and provides detailed trend analysis of toxic chemical releases. For more information on the program, call (800) 424-9346 or visit

The U.S. EPA's environmental databases, including TRI data, can also be accessed at: