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EPA Settles Clean Air and Right-to-Know Act Case with National Cement

Release Date: 7/31/2003
Contact Information: Lisa Fasano (415) 947-4307

    SAN FRANCISCO - Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a settlement that requires National Cement Company of California, Inc. to pay a fine of $838,396 for alleged violations of the Clean Air and Right-to-Know Acts at the company's Lebec, California plant.
     Beginning in 1997 National Cement Company undertook a major modification to its facility.  After resuming operations in 1999 the company allegedly violated air pollution emission limits for nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides contained in permits issued by the EPA and the Kern County Air Pollution Control District.  These alleged violations occurred over a four-year period.  The company also allegedly violated certain notification and monitoring requirements imposed by an EPA air permit.  
     "Companies cannot upgrade at the expense of the environment," said Wayne Nastri, the EPA's regional administrator for the Pacific Southwest region.  "EPA is committed to enforcing the law under the Clean Air Act."
    The company has since installed additional pollution control equipment and implemented other operational changes that have reduced its excess emissions to below applicable emission limits.  
     In addition, the company allegedly failed to report sulfur dioxide emissions above required thresholds to state and local authorities on seven different times in 2001, a violation of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.
     The company has installed additional air pollution control equipment and is now in full compliance with Clean Air and Right-To-Know laws.  # # #