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Release Date: 6/12/1998
Contact Information: Lois Grunwald, U.S. EPA, (415) 744-1588

     (San Francisco) -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is rising to new heights to teach businesses how to cut costs by preventing waste.  The agency will sponsor a nationwide interactive satellite forum called "Waste Prevention Pays," from
8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 17, 1998.

          The locations for the satellite forums and the downlink coordinators are listed below.

     The program will feature representatives from businesses that have successfully carried out cost-saving waste prevention measures and are willing to share them with other business people.  A waste analyst will reveal the hidden cost of waste in the office, in the shipping and receiving department, and in purchasing practices.  Participants will learn specific steps to cut these unnecessary costs.

     Waste Prevention Pays will feature three representatives who have helped their
WasteWise companies reap environmental and economic benefits from waste prevention:

     Jim Bosch, environmental team leader for Target Stores, a national chain of
     more than 800 retail stores.  Target, working closely with its vendors, has saved
     millions of dollars by reducing packaging material and the labor costs associated
     with packaging.  Target also profits from a range of waste prevention efforts, such
     as paperless purchasing and a salvage program for remainder merchandise.

     Nancy Hirshberg, director of natural resources for Stonyfield Farm, Inc., a
     manufacturer of nationally-distributed yogurt and ice cream products.  Stonyfield
     Farm has saved money through a range of waste prevention activities.  The
     company sells unusable food products for animal feed, conducts office supply
     swaps, and participates in environmental design training programs.

     Jim McCarthy, general manager of government and public affairs for
     CITGO Petroleum Corp., a refiner, transporter and marketer of gasoline.
     CITGO has saved thousands of dollars by providing company phone books,
     publications, and forms on line.  Other waste reduction strategies include reuse
     programs for wood pallets and transport packaging, and employee "swap" days.

     Ken Brown, nationally recognized waste analyst, who will share lessons he has
     learned from his work helping hundreds of businesses start a range of creative,
     cost-saving waste reduction strategies.

     * WasteWise is the U.S. EPA's voluntary program to encourage waste prevention,
     recycling, and buying or manufacturing products with recycled content.  Over 700
     organizations nationwide have joined the WasteWise program.
                     City: Carson City
                     Downlink Facility: Nevada Division of Environmental
                     Downlink Site Coordinator (DSC): Bonnie Crossley
                     DSC Telephone: (702) 687-4670 EXT: 3003

                     City: Elko
                     Downlink Facility: Elko Public Library
                     (Call Judy Emerson at NVSBA to register: (702)
                     Downlink Site Coordinator (DSC): Peter Johnsen
                     DSC Telephone: (702) 689-6674
                     DSC E-mail Address:

                     City: Las Vegas
                     Downlink Facility: Clark County Government Ctr.
                     Downlink Site Coordinator (DSC): Shane Martin
                     DSC Telephone: (702) 383-1027

                     City: Reno
                     Downlink Facility: Truckee Meadows CC--Dandini
                     Downlink Site Coordinator (DSC): Peter Johnsen
                     DSC Telephone: (702) 689-6674
                     DSC E-mail Address:
                     City: Reno
                     Downlink Facility: Truckee Meadows CC--Old Town
                     Downlink Site Coordinator (DSC): John Balentine
                     DSC Telephone: (702) 328-2280
                     DSC E-mail Address:

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