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Confirmation of final two EPA Assistant Administrators

Release Date: 08/30/94
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Confirmation of final two EPA Assistant Administrators


The U.S. Senate has confirmed the final two EPA Assistant Administrators: William A. Nitze to direct the international activities of the agency and Robert J. Huggett as the head of research and development functions.

"The agency will benefit enormously with Bill Nitze and Bob Huggett among its top managers. They have been involved for many years in environmental issues and are highly respected in their fields," said Administrator Carol M. Browner.

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The U.S. Senate confirmed Robert J. Huggett as Assistant Administrator for Research and Development of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Aug. 25, 1994.

Huggett is recognized as an expert in environmental chemistry and ecosystem management. Prior to joining EPA, he was chairman of the Department of Environmental Sciences, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences at the College of William and Mary. He held several other environmentally related management positions there over a 22 year period, including chairman of the Department of Ecology and Pollution and the Department of Chemical Oceanography within the School of Marine Sciences.

At different times, Huggett served as an outside advisor to the EPA Administrator, as a member of the agency's Science Advisory Board and the Committee on Reducing Risks. He also served on the National Research Council's Water Science and Technology Board and several National Academy of Sciences environmental committees.

Huggett was involved from 1960 to 1994 in environmental research in academia and industry. He was a lecturer at the Brookings Institution from 1978 to 1994, was a consultant to the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and was recognized for his work on the Chesapeake Bay by the Izaak Walton League and DuPont Corp.

Huggett, 52, received a doctoral degree in marine science in 1977 from the College of William and Mary, where he also studied as an undergraduate, and a master's degree in marine chemistry from the Scripps

Institution of Oceanography in 1968.

Huggett is married, has two children and resides in Seaford, Va.




The U.S. Senate confirmed William Albert Nitze as EPA Assistant Administrator for International Activities on Aug. 25, 1994.

Nitze is an internationally renowned expert on environmental issues. He has held key positions in government, non-governmental organizations and the private sector in the United States and abroad.

From September 1990 to August 1994, Nitze was President of the Alliance to Save Energy, Washington, D.C., a non-profit coalition of environmental, government, industry and consumer leaders dedicated to promoting investment in energy efficiency. He was Visiting Scholar from February to August 1990, at the Environmental Law Institute, Washington, D.C., where he was at the forefront in developing international environmental policy.

As Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment, Health and Natural Resources, from 1987 to 1990, Nitze had a lead role in international negotiations on global issues such as climate change, ozone layer protection, transboundary shipments of hazardous substances, biotechnology and the conservation of tropical forests. He received the Superior Honor Award of the Department of State in 1988.

Nitze is an alumnus of Harvard College (1964), Wadham College, Oxford (1966) and Harvard Law School (1969). He is a member of the State of New York and the U.S. Supreme Court Bars.

Nitze, 51, lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two sons.

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