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EPA Launches Children's Health Month at Walk-to-School Day Event

Release Date: 10/08/2003
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(10/08/03) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Acting Administrator Marianne Horinko today addressed the 7th annual International Walk-to-School Day event in Washington, D.C., as the Agency launched Children’s Health Month. The celebration was established to encourage children, parents, school teachers and community leaders to walk to school when possible. For the first time, the celebration will highlight the air quality benefits of walking to school.

During Children’s Health Month, EPA is highlighting efforts to protect children from environmental harm. The Clean School Bus Initiative, Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Program, SunWise Schools Program, Smoke-Free Home Pledge Campaign, and the National Children’s Study are just a few examples of EPA children’s health protection activities. EPA has an ongoing program to protect children where they live, learn and play because it is essential to ensure that the environment is safe and healthy, now and for future generations.

“At the EPA, we take children’s health very seriously, because children are not just small adults. Their bodies need extra protection from things like air pollution and lead,” said Horinko. “By choosing to walk to and from school, children and parents can help reduce the amount of air pollution emitted by vehicles - and thus improve the respiratory health of our children, especially those with asthma.”

Acting Administrator Horinko announced the release of a new EPA study at the event - Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting - that examines the relationship between school locations, the built environment around schools, how children get to school, and the impact of these travel choices on air quality. To access the report online, click on Publications at: .

Last year, millions of children, parents, and community leaders from over 20 countries around the world joined together in celebration of International Walk to School Day.

International Walk to School Day works because communities can choose between multiple goals for their local events. Some communities focus on safer and improved streets whereas others promote the health aspect of walking. This year many communities will have the opportunity to talk up the air quality benefits of walking to school. Whatever the reason, Walk to School Day events encourage a more walkable world - one that safeguards the environment and protects human health.

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