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EPA finishes thermal cleanup in Area 1 of the Velsicol Superfund site in St. Louis, Mich.

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For Immediate Release: No. 18-OPA062

CHICAGO (Oct. 24, 2018) – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in coordination with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, has turned off the in-place treatment heaters at the Velsicol Superfund site in St. Louis, Mich. The vapor and water treatment systems will continue to operate for 20 more days.

“Cleaning up the soil and groundwater contamination in this area is the first step in bringing back the Velsicol site to its original state,” said EPA Regional Administrator Cathy Stepp. “The site continues to be a top priority for this administration.”

EPA operated 276 heaters at an average temperature of 100 degrees Celsius (the boiling point of water) for 90 days across an acre of Area 1. Nearly 60,000 pounds of contaminants will be removed once the cleanup is completed. The next step will be to operate the thermal treatment system across three acres of Area 2.

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