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EPA Launches Mobile App for EJSCREEN

New Tool More Accessible for Community Work

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today launched its mobile version of EJSCREEN, the Agency’s nationally acclaimed environmental justice screening and mapping tool. This new version makes accessing EJSCREEN easier than ever for those working on the ground in communities.

The enhanced mobile version of EJSCREEN provides most of the same key functions and features as the full online version, but offers them in a more compact and accessible layout. This includes the ability to select locations, access reports, and to map environmental, demographic and EJ indicators.

“The EJSCREEN mobile app puts a powerful tool in the hands of people working on the ground in communities,” said Matthew Tejada, Director of EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice.  “By making information more accessible, we can give people across the United States an easy way to find those communities that need our help and support the most.”

First created in 2012 for internal use, EJSCREEN was built as an online computer tool for EPA staff to analyze environmental and demographic factors related to environmental justice while developing programs and policies that impact overburdened communities.  EJSCREEN continues to be a tremendously popular tool, consistently ranking as one of EPA’s most used tools available through the Agency website. The tool also is regularly used by other federal, Tribal, state and local government partners as well as by nonprofit and community groups, business and industry, and academia.

EJSCREEN was built for use on standard desktop and laptop computers, however, user surveys showed these devices are not always accessible to many stakeholders working in communities. Since releasing EJSCREEN to the public in 2015, users reported it could be more user-friendly with mobile devices. EPA website analytical data showed that more than 50% of users accessed EJSCREEN from a mobile device. As a result, EPA developed the mobile version to be responsive to user needs.

This new mobile version of EJSCREEN will make the tool more accessible to partners, communities, and anyone interested in environmental justice. EPA will continue to use stakeholder feedback to guide improvements to EJSCREEN.  

Access the EJSCREEN mobile version on a tablet or cellular phone.

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