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EPA Stays Oil and Gas Standards

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WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is following through on its commitment to stay portions of the 2016 New Source Performance Standards for the oil and natural gas industry while the agency works through the reconsideration process. 

Using its Clean Air Act authority, the agency is issuing a 90-day stay of the fugitive emissions, pneumatic pumps, and professional engineer certification requirements from the 2016 rule. Sources do not need to comply with these requirements while the 90-day stay is in effect. EPA’s action is in line with President Trump’s Energy Independence Executive Order, which directed the agency to review the oil and gas rules.

In June 2016, EPA issued updated standards for new, reconstructed and modified oil and gas sources. Since issuing the final rules last year, EPA has received several petitions to reconsider aspects of the New Source Performance Standards. In an April 18, 2017 letter to petitioners, the agency announced its intent to reconsider certain aspects of the rule, including the fugitive emissions requirements. This action also grants reconsideration and stays for 90 days the pneumatic pump and professional engineer certification requirements in the rule. 

As part of the reconsideration process, EPA expects to prepare a proposed rule, which will allow for public comment. Additional information on the stay and reconsideration: