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General Counsel Leopold Holds First Open House with Industry Representatives

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WASHINGTON  – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) General Counsel Matthew Z. Leopold met with senior representatives of a dozen industry organizations. These stakeholders are the first to meet the General Counsel in an “Open House” forum to learn about his priorities, the legal issues facing EPA, and how he hopes to advance the President’s environmental and regulatory agenda. Mr. Leopold plans to hold similar meetings with The Environmental Council of States, non-governmental advocates, as well as, state agency representatives to broaden the conversation.

“I appreciate the opportunity to partner with the regulated community to advance environmental protections and commonsense regulation that allows our economy to continue to thrive.” said EPA General Counsel Leopold.

Topics of discussion included the General Counsel’s priorities; the implementation of the 2017 “Transparency in Litigation” directive; the Agency’s efforts to promote cooperative federalism and the “rule of law.”