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ICYMI: Harrisburg Patriot-News: The EPA wants to hear from you on July 25 on this important issue

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By Cosmo Servidio
July 24, 2018

 As someone who has lived in the Mid-Atlantic region for many years, I am fully aware and proud of the important role our region has played in the development of American culture, commerce, industry, and environmental stewardship throughout the years. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is a group of man-made chemicals that include PFOA and PFOS. Since the 1940s, PFAS has been manufactured and used in a variety of everyday products from firefighting foam to food packaging. Today, some of our communities are facing a unique problem because PFAS have been detected in their groundwater and drinking water raising concerns about health risks. Rest assured that PFAS is a national priority.

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