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Metropolitan Management Group of Wyomissing, Pa. Settles Federal Lead Disclosure Violations

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PHILADELPHIA (May 25, 2018) – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the Metropolitan Management Group, Inc, a property management company in Wyomissing, Pa., has agreed to a settlement that resolves claims the company allegedly failed to provide tenants with required lead disclosure information about two rental properties.

The company was cited under the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, which requires sellers and landlords to provide homebuyers and tenants with warning statements about lead-based paint hazards for housing built before the 1978 federal ban on lead-based paint. The law also requires home sellers and landlords to disclose known lead-based paint hazards to homebuyers and tenants (or to disclose their lack of knowledge of such hazards).

The company will pay a $20,500 penalty as part of the settlement and has certified that it is presently in compliance with the requirement to provide tenants with lead-based paint hazard disclosure information.

“Lead exposure poses a significant health threat to hundreds of thousands of American children,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Cosmo Servidio. “By refocusing Agency efforts, we can work with our government partners to develop solutions that address lead exposure and improve health outcomes for children.” 

EPA cited the Metropolitan Management Group for failing to provide the required warnings and disclosures about lead-based paint in leases on properties in Wyomissing and Reading, Pa. The company neither admitted nor denied the specific allegations cited and cooperated during the investigation.

This significant settlement under the Disclosure Rule Requirements ensures that tenants learn about the risks of lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards and how to protect themselves from such hazards. With this knowledge, tenants may make informed decisions about whether or not to rent a particular unit.

EPA is working with other federal, state, and local agencies to protect tenants and homeowners from the health risks of lead-based paint. High blood levels of lead can cause permanent damage to the nervous system and widespread health problems, such as a reduced intelligence and attention span, hearing loss, stunted growth, reading and learning problems and behavioral difficulties. Young children are most vulnerable because their nervous systems are still developing. Adults with high lead levels can suffer difficulties during pregnancy, high blood pressure, nerve disorders, memory problems and muscle and joint pain.

Reducing childhood lead exposure and addressing associated health impacts is a top priority for the Trump Administration and EPA. On February 16, Administrator Pruitt hosted key members of the Trump Administration to collaborate on a federal strategy making childhood lead exposure a priority for their respective departments and agencies.

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