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Pruitt Highlights Grant To Study Lead In Drinking Water In Cities

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Virginia Tech. Expert, Team Win $2M For Lead Water Research. “Federal officials are giving nearly $2 million for research to a team led by the Virginia Tech researcher who uncovered elevated lead levels in Flint’s drinking water to research preventing such problems nationwide. … The EPA grant follows the launch of a task force this year to address childhood lead exposure. ‘Lead exposure is one of the greatest environmental threats we face as a country, and it’s especially dangerous for our children,’ EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said. ‘This research will move us one step closer to advancing our work to eradicate lead in drinking water.’” (The Detroit News, 04/25/18)

EPA Awarded A “Nearly $2 Million Grant” To Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards To Study Lead In Drinking Water, This Grant Will Enable “Largest Engineering Citizen-Science Project In American History.” “Virginia Tech’s Flint Water Study Team will take its influential scientific detective work to more communities, thanks to an Environmental Protection Agency grant. University Professor Marc Edwards received a nearly $2 million grant from the EPA to detect and control lead levels in public drinking water, while getting community members involved as ongoing monitors. Edwards said the funding, which was announced Wednesday, will enable what he called the ‘largest engineering citizen-science project in American history.’” (The Roanoke Times, 4/25/18)