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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING …About The EPA’S Decision To Delay Implementation of the 2015 Ozone Standards

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Leaders Across The Country

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell applauded Administrator Pruitt's decision, calling the standards an attack on middle-class families from the Obama Administration. “I applaud Administrator Scott Pruitt for his decision to delay this Obama Administration issued regulation, which was finalized in October 2015. This regulation was yet another attack on the Middle Class by the Obama Administration and was forced through despite significant concern from communities across the country. Today’s postponement will give states and municipalities relief in the interim while EPA continues to review NAAQS levels.” (Press Release, 06/06/17)

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito said state and local employers had insufficient time to comply with these standards. “State and local governments and employers across the country have had insufficient time to comply with the latest revisions to the ozone standards. I commend Administrator Pruitt and his staff at the EPA for acknowledging this reality and acting today to delay existing standards.” (Press Release, 06/06/17)

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said the EPA is working with Arizonans to protect the environment, instead of the previous administration’s one-size-fits-all approach. “It’s great to see the EPA working with Arizonans for a change. Nowhere are the flaws of previous administration’s one-size-fits-all approach to regulating ozone more evident than in Arizona, a desert state where naturally-occurring ozone makes it impossible to meet the new federal mandate. While today’s move buys Arizona much-needed time, I remain committed to advancing a solution that will provide permanent relief from this egregious and unworkable rule.” (Press Release, 06/06/17)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praised Administrator Pruitt for pausing this costly and ineffective rule, which will help the economy in Texas. “I am grateful for the leadership of EPA Administrator Pruitt in courageously pausing the costly and ineffective Ozone Rule, and I’m hopeful that the one-year delay will provide time for the EPA to review the detrimental effects the Ozone Rule will have on the Texas economy.” (Press Release, 06/06/17)

Recent News Coverage

U.S. extends deadline for states to meet ozone pollution standard. “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Tuesday it was extending the deadline by one year for states to declare which areas do not meet the federal standard for ground-level ozone, a pollutant linked to several serious health conditions.” (Reuters, 06/06/17)

EPA's Pruitt delays Obama-era smog rules for a year. “The Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday that it is giving states another year to meet strict rules for smog-forming ozone emissions set by the Obama administration, citing states' confusion over regulatory requirements and the need for the EPA to review the regulations. … Pruitt also announced that he is establishing the Ozone Cooperative Compliance Task Force to develop the "additional flexibilities for states to comply with the ozone standard," the agency said. Congress gave EPA the authority to create the task force under the recently passed fiscal 2017 spending bill.” (The Washington Examiner, 06/06/17)

Trump Delays One Of The Most Expensive EPA Regulations Ever. “The Trump administration announced Tuesday evening it would delay the implementation of a smog rule that’s been called one of the costliest clean air regulations ever.” (The Daily Caller, 06/07/17)