Administrator Gina McCarthy, Remarks Introducing the President at Clean Power Plan Announcement, as Prepared


Hi everybody – this is really such an incredibly wicked cool moment.

Standing here right now, the word proud doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel.

It means a lot to have a chance to thank all of you – everyone who has worked so hard and waited so long for this very day to come.

Looking around this room, I know many of you have been fighting this fight for a long time, and since the beginning. And we’ve been there together. We may be too old by now to remember just how long ago that is…but it hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm or our passion.

So we’ve talked for years about what needs to be done, what we could do. And we’ve gotten a good understanding of how it can get done. Well, today, we’re actually doing it.

You know, the road has been long. But we’ve come awfully far. And look at how many new faces have joined this fight.

As President Obama will no doubt tell you, climate change is one of the most important issues that we face as a country and as citizens of this world.

It affects everything we know and everyone we love – our kids, our communities, our ability to earn a decent living. It impacts our health, our safety, and our livelihoods.

But one thing is crystal clear: acting on climate is a moral responsibility.

And thankfully, no leader anywhere has understood that better, or articulated that more forcefully than our President. And no one has led on this issue as fearlessly as he has.

From day one, he saw climate change for what it was—a threat to our core American values--family, community, and safeguarding those who are most vulnerable.

He did not back down from the challenge. Because of his leadership—and his trust in the great people at the EPA to get the job done right—and they got the job done right—we now have a real shot at protecting this beautiful planet of ours.

So, this is a historic moment. We are forging ahead to do what’s right for our kids and there is no turning back.

And I am confident that the huge step forward we’re taking today will show the world just what’s possible. And it will encourage countries across the globe to join in this fight—because climate change is a challenge we can conquer together.

I just couldn’t be happier that we have the right person leading this charge for us. So with that: I’m honored, I’m humbled, and I’m proud to introduce our President, Barack Obama.