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  • April 2015 Change in Email Subscription Service

    The information below applies to you only if you had subscribed by or before April 2015.

    Starting in April 2015, EPA's Office of Public Affairs changed how email subscriptions work for some EPA information topics, for example, all news releases and some newsletters. We've tried hard to ensure a smooth transition with no interruptions in our serivce to you, and we appreciate your patience.

    What we did

    We moved your email address to the new email subscription service and kept you subscribed to the same email topics. You don't have to do anything to continue receiving emails from as you have been.

    What you can do

    Existing subscribers can log in (see above) using the email address where you receive emails from us. The system will help you create or recover your password (we didn't move any passwords, just the subscription email addresses). You will then be able to manage your account and settings. You can also delete your subscription.

    If you expected but did not receive the April 1 email from us: please check your spam, junk, or trash email filters. Contact your email provider if you need help adjusting your email filters.

    Looking for your other EPA email subscriptions not included in this change?

    Changes you make in the new email subscription service won't affect your subscription emails that you receive from other EPA offices. Please contact those EPA offices regarding those email subscriptions. EPA org chart with links to all offices.

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