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Open Data

Open Government helps EPA achieve better communication with the public and major stakeholders to protect human health and the environment.

Track our progress through reports and milestones.

Open Data

Data Catalogs and Dashboards

Explore the public data repositories to view or download datasets curated by the EPA.

Open Data Policies and Guidance

View the policies and guidance that govern the open data intiative at EPA.

Data Leadership at EPA

Evidence Act Leadership

  • Richard Allen, Chief Data Officer
  • Alex Marten, Statistical Official
  • Katherine Dawes, Acting Evaluation Officer

Digital Strategy and Data Quality

Learn about EPA's digital strategy and related documentation. 

Data Standards, Plans, and Progress Reports

Discover the agency's data standards and track EPA planning and progress toward implementing the open government initiative.

EPA-Funded Scientific Research

EPA’s Plan to Increase Access to Results of EPA-funded Scientific Research confirms the Agency commitment to making manuscripts associated with its journal publications and the data underlying these publications publicly available. To maximize public access while preventing prohibited disclosures, EPA is making selected datasets available in a secure data enclave. Learn more about the first available dataset used to support published research studies.