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EPA modifies cleanup plan at the Tremont City Barrel Fill Superfund site in German Township, Ohio

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For Immediate Release: No. 18-OPA003

CHICAGO (March 6, 2018) – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced modifications to the cleanup at the Tremont City Barrel Fill Superfund site, 3112 Snyder-Domer Road, German Township, Ohio.

EPA is modifying its 2011 record of decision to clean up on-site waste and contaminated soil. The modifications are detailed in a document called an explanation of significant differences, or ESD. They include a double liner system instead of a slurry wall and clay/leakage collection system. The removal and off-site disposal of nearly 1,000 drums of “still-bottom” waste is also being added to the final cleanup. Still-bottom waste is a concentrated waste material leftover from industrial processes containing solvents and other material such as oil and grease.

The estimated cost of the original cleanup was $27.7 million. EPA believes there is no real cost difference between the cleanup selected in 2011 and the cleanup modified by the ESD.

An electronic copy of the ESD is available online at:




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