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TCEQ monitoring ITC fire emergency response

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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is actively monitoring the multi-tank fire at Intercontinental Terminals Co. in Deer Park.

TCEQ is ensuring that the responsible party is taking all appropriate actions to address this incident. TCEQ is providing supplemental air monitoring in addition to monitoring being conducted by a number of other entities, including ITC’s contractor.

Overnight on Sunday, TCEQ environmental investigators conducted hand-held air monitoring in the vicinity. On Monday, TCEQ deployed two additional air monitoring stations that are being strategically located in coordination with the unified command for the incident. TCEQ staff will continue to conduct hand-held monitoring in the area, also in coordination with the unified command.

Additionally, TCEQ’s ambient air monitoring network continues to collect data from stationary monitors in the area. TCEQ also worked to arrange EPA’s ASPECT airplane to provide air monitoring flights over the area.

As of 11:30 a.m. Monday, TCEQ had not detected any immediate health concerns at ground level.

At present, this is still an active emergency response event, and TCEQ’s role at this time is to provide assistance and coordinate with local governmental agencies, EPA, Coast Guard, and Harris County HazMat for response actions needed to address any discharges from the site.

After the fire is out, and the site is safe to access, TCEQ’s role will be to coordinate any cleanup warranted through the responsible party, which typically contracts with an environmental company that specializes in these types of cleanups. TCEQ will monitor the progress of the cleanup and ensure that any impacted areas are handled appropriately. TCEQ will also evaluate the emissions event associated with this incident and will conduct an investigation to determine compliance with applicable state and federal environmental regulations.

TCEQ will provide updates concerning this incident via this webpage, including a map with real-time data from TCEQ’s stationary ambient monitoring sites.