An official website of the United States government. Snapshots

The snapshots listed below are captures of at a specific point in time (January 19), and the content is presented as it was at that time. These snapshots of are captured every four years, the day before the Presidential Inauguration.

Browse EPA's website as of January 19 for the following years:

What is included in the Web Snapshot?

Web snapshots consist of static content, such as webpages and reports in Portable Document Format (PDF), as that content appeared on January 19 of that year.

What is not included in the Web Snapshot?

There are technical limitations to what could be included in the Web Snapshot.

  • Some links on the EPA's website direct users to databases that are updated with new information on a regular basis. These databases are not part of the static content that comprises the Web Snapshot. Links in the Web Snapshot to dynamic databases will take you to the current version of the database. Searches in these databases will yield the latest data, rather than the data that would have been returned for a search conducted on January 19 of that year.
  • Links may have been broken in the website as it appeared on January 19 of that year. Those links will appear as broken in the Web Snapshot. Likewise, links which may have been in existence on January 19 of that year that are no longer active will appear as broken links in the Web Snapshot. A popup alerts should appear when you click a link to leave the Web Snapshot.
  • Some extremely large collections of content were not included in the Snapshot due to their size. Those collections remain available on the current EPA website.