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Environmental Justice

2017 "Educate Motivate Innovate" Student Panelists

Meet the students on the Educate Motivate Innovate (EMI) panel at the 2017 National Environmental Justice Conference.

Carol Ramos
Carol is a Biologist and a graduate student in the Environmental and Community Planning program at the Graduate School of Planning at the University of Puerto Rico. She is an agent of community projects on environmental education through urban agroecology. In the past years, she has promoted agroecology, collaborated with the environmental restoration of abandoned buildings and underused plots near public housings and schools in marginalized communities in Puerto Rico.

View Carol's presentation on "Community Food Security in Underused Spaces in Urban Public Housings in Puerto Rico" here.

Rebeka Isaac
Rebeka Isaac is pursuing a double major in history and anthropology at the University of Texas at El Paso.

View Rebeka's presentation on "Climate Change effects on future water supply and Colonias without water" here.

Latia Jackson
Latia is finishing her senior year at Virginia State University, where she studied Agriculture, with a concertation on Environmental Science.

View Latia's presentation on "GIS Used to Identify the Location of Farmers Markets and Community Gardens within Food Deserts in Virginia" here.