Who Should Join the Environmental Response Laboratory Network

Laboratories that analyze biological samples, chemical warfare agents, radiological, or toxic industrial chemical samples can join the Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN). Members of the ERLN make up a critical infrastructure that delivers data necessary for responses to large scale national emergencies.

The ERLN Begins New Recruitment Efforts

EPA has launched the ERLN and is recruiting state, federal, local, and commercial laboratories. The ERLN is coordinating these recruitment efforts with the launch of EPA's Water Laboratory Alliance, a new part of the ERLN that focuses on State and local drinking and waste water utility laboratories.

Laboratories applying for membership must complete the following requirements:

  1. Review Policy for Membership in the ERLN (PDF);
  2. Complete Laboratory Membership for ERLN Application (instructions are included, application and additional information are also available through FedConnect);
  3. Read and sign Acknowledgement of Laboratory Responsibilities which can be found at the end of the application;
  4. Register in the EPA Laboratory Compendium; and
  5. Provide supporting documentation with your application. This includes:
  • accreditation qualifications;
  • certificates from accrediting authorities;
  • plans and procedures;
  • sample management, handling, and storage;
  • laboratory affiliations, memberships, special registrations, approvals, and licenses;
  • personnel clearances; and
  • other related support documentation.

Admission into the ERLN is based on review of the application package. The laboratory will be notified by EPA of their membership status within 60 days of receipt of the completed application. Laboratories that want to join the Water Laboratory Alliance should mark the box at the bottom of page 12 of the application.