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Heat Islands

What EPA is Doing to Reduce Heat Islands

EPA’s Heat Island Reduction Program works with local officials, community groups, researchers, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to implement heat island mitigation policies and projects that create comfortable and sustainable communities. Key resources and activities are listed below.

  • Reducing Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies
    Describes mitigation measures that communities can take to address the negative impacts of heat islands.
  • Webcasts 
    Periodic webcasts on heat island-related topics, dating from 2005. Summaries, presentations, and other materials from the calls and webcasts are archived on this site, sortable by topic or date.
  • Newsroom
    Provides the latest news related to heat island impacts, mitigation strategies, scientific research, and community initiatives.
  • Heat Island Resources
    Lists brochures, fact sheets, and other outreach materials and publications on heat island formation, planning for excessive heat events, smart growth, and more.