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P3 Student Design Competition

2018/2019 P3 Grant Recipients

Phase I Phase II

2018/2019 P3 Grant Recipients - Phase I: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet

Institution EPA Grant Number Project Title
East Tennessee State University SU839448 Mesoporous Adsorbents for Perfluorinated Compounds
Brown University SU839449 Magnetic Nanocomposites for Water Remediation
Widener University - Main Campus SU839450 Developing a Low-Cost Wireless Device for Real-TimeMonitoringofLeadLevels in Drinking
New Jersey Institute of Technology SU839451 Reactive Nanobubble for Algae and Cyanotoxin Removal
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Multifunctional Reactive Electrochemical Membrane (REM) Filtration for PFOA/PFOS Removal
Virginia Wesleyan College SU839453 Vermicompost from Phytoremediation of Stormwater
Miami University - Oxford SU839454 Synthesis and Characterization of FluorinatedHydrocarbonAnionExchangeResins for the Extraction of Perfluorinated Chemicals
The University of Texas at San Antonio SU839455 Molecular Tools to Predict Cyanobacteria Toxin Production
University of Saint Thomas SU839456 Soil Amendments for Enhanced Phosphorus Retention: Implications for Green Infrastructure Design
University of Central Florida SU839457 OSMOsis-Driven ReclAmation of Water (OSMODRAW)
University of Central Florida SU839458 A Biopolymer-based Simple Lead Check in Tap Water
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale SU839460 PFASs Removal by Photocatalysis for Water Reuse
Carnegie Mellon University SU839461 Iron-TAML/peroxide Cyanotoxin Degradation
University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa SU839462 Modeling Straight Pipe Prevalence in Rural Alabama
Cornell University SU839463 AguaClara's Ram Pump for Zero Electricity Drinking Water Treatment
Miami University - Oxford SU839464 UV-LED Photocatalytic Fuel Vapor Emissions Control
Drexel University SU839465 Mapping Air Quality with Kite-Based Sensors
University of California - Riverside SU839466 Multi-Sensor Fusion for Low-Cost, Automated Woodstoves
University of Oregon SU839467 Sanitary Green Space: a Closed-Looped Sanitation System for GrowingGreen Communities
University of California - Riverside SU839468 A Green Chemistry Approach to Pulping Hemp as an IndustriallyRelevantRenewable Fiber for Construction
Illinois State University SU839469 Recycled Glass: Cement/Fly Ash Substitute in CLSM

2018/2019 P3 Grant Recipients - Phase II: A National Student Design Competition for Sustainability Focusing on People, Prosperity, and the Planet

Institution EPA Grant Number Project Title
Michigan Technological University SV839485 Separation and Recovery of Individual Components from the End-of-LifeLithium-ion Batteries
Cornell University SV839486 Environment and Community-Friendly Wastewater Treatment
Case Western Reserve University SV839487 Ultra-Low-Cost Reusable Solar Disinfection Sensor
University of California - Riverside SV839488 PanCeria: Catalytic NO and CO Emission Control Unit for Small Off-road
University of Centran Florida SV839489 A Novel 2D MoS2 Sponge Oil-Water Separator (MDSOS)
Oklahoma State University SV839490 Decreasing the Energy Use in Wastewater Treatment